About Us


With promoting management excellence for nation-building as its main objective, the MAP is 68-years-old management organization whose over 1,000 members represent a cross-section of CEOs, COOs and the other top management practitioners from the largest local and multinational companies operating in the Philippines. MAP also counts some top management educators and government officials as its members. Please view the MAP video via youtube channel and Subscribe


“The Country’s Leading Organization Committed to Promoting Management Excellence for Nation-Building”


Our mission is to promote management excellence for nation-building through:

  • sharing of best management practices
  • benchmarking with our counterpart organizations in  other  countries
  • networking with  other business organizations here and  abroad
  • educational activities that enhance the knowledge, skills  and values of management practitioners and  educators nationwide
  • training and development programs that produce  professional managers and
  • advocacy for reforms that help shape a brighter future  for the Philippines.



In pursuing our mission, we are guided by the following core values and principles:

PROFESSIONALISM:  We treat our stakeholders with respect and fairness; and we observe fairness and objectivity in furthering the best interests of the MAP and its members. We recognize the uniqueness of individuals and groups, and their need to be differently motivated to bring out the best in them.

INTEGRITY:   We observe the highest standards of ethics in all our dealings, and we acknowledge our obligations to our community and our country as well as our duties as responsible citizens.

LEADERSHIP:  We show the way and always strive to pursue higher and bigger goals for ourselves and for our country.

EXCELLENCE:  We aspire to be the best.