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The Philippines made remarkable progress in the ranking of the World Bank’s Doing Business (DB) 2020 Report, from ranking 124th rising by 29 notches and landing at […]

Offsetting Measures, Upsetting Measures

The tax reform is well underway, but just as it had in 2018, it hit a snag yet again. In fact, it hit the same snag […]

STEM JOBS—new area for women careers Nitpicking the automotive sector

It has been said that STEM (Science Tech, Engineering and Math) jobs and careers are giving women 30% more income than the usual clerical jobs set […]

AGRI DEVELOPMENT: More than irrigation, post-harvest facilities and farm-to-market roads

Many politicians propose solving rural poverty via three areas:  irrigation, post-harvest facilities and farm-to-market roads.  I beg to differ.   It is much more than that. Indeed, […]

Disqualifications of Directors of PHCs

The Revised CG Code adheres closely to the additional rules of disqualifications for directors of publicly-held companies (PHCs) as those found in the Original CG Code, […]

The China Issue – Impressions of a Military Mind

For the last five decades, the Philippines has fought the communist insurgency whose roots and foundations originated from Communist China. In spite of China’s shift to […]

Qualifications and Disqualifications of Directors

The Original CG Code provides for the following qualifications of directors for publicly-held companies (PHCs), thus: Qualifications of Directors Every director shall own at least one […]

Combination of Executive and Non-executive Directors

Section II(1)(A) of the Original CG Code has essentially been carried forward into the Revised CG Code which basically empowers the Board to reconstitute the “Composition […]

CG Code for PLCs: Principles-Based and Market-Disciplining in Character

The CG Code for Publicly-Listed Companies (PLCs) formally adopts the “comply or explain approach,” which combines voluntary compliance with mandatory disclosure, and which it defines as […]

What’s New on April 15?

April 15 is the deadline for the most important type of tax payment – the annual filing of income tax returns (ITRs). Almost all registered taxpayers […]

AGRI DEVELOPMENT: More than irrigation, post-harvest facilities and farm-to-market roads

Many politicians propose solving rural poverty via three areas:  irrigation, post-harvest facilities and farm-to-market roads.  I beg to differ.   It is much more than that. Indeed, […]

Gauging the SEC CG Codes Against the “CG” Provisions of the Corporation Code

1.  Hierarchical Placement of the SEC’s CG Codes Vis-à-vis the Corporation Code and Securities Regulation Code It would be helpful to discuss briefly the hierarchical value […]

The Tales of Two Agricultures: Philippines and Vietnam

If there is an agriculture miracle in the ASEAN in the past two decades, it is Vietnam.  It is not hard to compare Vietnam with the […]

The Hard Truth About High Value-Crops

High-value commercial crops refer to “those crops that have competitive returns on investment when traded in fresh form vis–a–vis alternative investment opportunities. These crops are characterized […]

Dichotomy Between Executive and Non-Executive Directors Dilutes the Oversight Role of Independent Directors

In contrast with the Revised Corporate Governance (CG) Code for Public Companies (PCs) which refers only to the role of independent directors of exercising independent judgment […]

Long-Term Agri Productivity Gap: The Major Cause of Poverty

Why is national poverty incidence in the Philippines more than twice that of ASEAN peers – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam?  It is even magnified in […]

Independent Directors For Publicly-Listed Companies

It is worth pointing out that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in formally adopting the Corporate Governance (CG) Code for Publicly-Listed Companies (PLCs) effectively provides […]

Learning from Other Tax Systems

The Comprehensive Tax Reform Program seeks to implement a fairer, simpler, and more efficient tax system. Toward this end, it has implemented relatively lower tax rates […]

Mixing it up in the Boardroom

For most Filipino companies, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is hardly a top priority. Although Corporate Philippines generally welcomes women and LGBT into the workforce—unlike other societies […]

The efficacy of oversight functions Of independent directors

Since the Securities Regulation Code’s (SRC) promulgation, there have arisen many issues regarding the rationale or efficacy of the system of independent directors (IDs), with passionate […]

Culture and Economics

I recently went on a trip to the Cordillera (someone told me it should be in singular, not plural), not Cordilleras as many people mistake it […]

A new management structure for agriculture

By many metrics, Philippine agriculture trails its ASEAN peers by a mile. The peers are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. What metrics?  Current levels of farm […]

Is a Military Junta Tenable?

This article will not delve on the legal issues of implementing a military government. It will discuss the foundation of military culture and its response in […]

Modernizing Tax Administration

Instead of increasing excise taxes on fuel and coal which has inflationary impact on consumer goods, the government must prioritize modernizing tax administration to broaden taxpayer […]


Description: An integrative course on understanding global social, economic and political environments of business from the perspective of contemporary Asian systems as influenced by China’s rise, […]

The Independent Directors

The Securities Regulation Code (SRC) institutionalized within the PHC sector the system of “independent director” (ID) which it defines as “a person other than an officer […]

The Oversight Functions of Independent Directors

The corporate system of “Independent Directors” does not exist under the current version of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, where the aspect of “minority representation” […]

Guideposts for the Successful Execution Of Inclusive Business Strategies

Inclusive business strategies – more commonly known as Inclusive Business Models (IBMs) – are business solutions that provide access to economic opportunities to the poorest segments […]

How to Book a Return Flight from Crisis and Live to Tell the Tale

The Philippines is no stranger to crises. The local tourism industry in particular has borne the brunt of these crises, ranging from acts of terrorism, political […]

The Business Sector’s Hand in Quelling Geopolitical Uncertainty

Geopolitical threats often cause the business sector enormous uncertainty. The North Korean nuclear threat, the West Philippine Sea dispute, and the Marawi crisis are just examples […]

The Gokongwei Brand of Entrepreneurial Management

  (Following is the acceptance speech delivered by the author when he received recently the “M.A.P. Management Man of the Year 2017” Award from the MANAGEMENT […]

Empowering Consumers in the Health Sector

If one looks back at the Aquino administration’s accomplishments, important reforms related to human capital investments, notably in the health sector, will surely be part of […]