MAPping the Future

Value resulting from the development of the covid-19 vaccine who benefits

Rebuilding by learning from the stories of others

Keep the Capitalism of the poor alive

Paramount Barriers in Inclusive Growth: Time to Act

Poverty remains scandalously high at a third of rural residents, almost 18 million out of total poor of 21.6 million in 2015.  The comparison is grim. […]

Women in Nontraditional Trades

What China and India can teach PH about Agriculture

Senatorial Candidates: Where is the Poverty Reduction Agenda?

The “masa” elects the senators. No matter how large the taxes you pay, your vote is just one. The scandalously high poverty incidence in the Philippines […]


People often use ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ interchangeably, but these ideas, though related, are not the same. Simply put, freedom is being able to make individual choices, […]

Rice Market: Patterns of Thailand and Vietnam Exports

2018 was an exacting time in the Philippines. There was a rice “crisis.”  The government buffer stock agency – the National Food Authority (NFA) – failed […]

Choosing Our Senators

The MAP Research Project Several years ago, the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) embarked on a project to help Filipino voters make their choice for […]

How to Give China Pause in the South China Sea

Most of my friends are understandably very upset with China for its occupation of the entirety of the South China Sea (or West Philippine Sea, if […]

Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) Revisited

The inefficient tax system in the Philippines imposed a very burdensome tax rate and high compliance cost to taxpayers. This, however, didn’t result to a high […]


There is widespread belief that business has a moral responsibility to serve the needs of society. This view is consistent with current thinking on Corporate Social […]

Multinational Hanjin Successor for a Peaceful South China Sea

A strategic rehabilitation of Hanjin Heavy Industry Corp. by a consortium of multinationals from around the world may be a major step towards a peaceful South […]

Shaping A Competitive Future

A new year has begun for the Management Association of the Philippines.  As in the past years, our activities for 2019 will be guided by a […]

The Poverty Challenge of Bangsamoro

The Bangsamoro Organic Law or BOL (Republic Act No. 11054) was signed by President Duterte on July 23, 2018. The new law provides for the creation […]

Bullying and the Forgotten Virtue of Justice – Part 2 of 2

At a national level, it’s hard to parse out what is due to defects in our judicial system and what stems from our cultural indifference to […]

Bullying and the Forgotten Virtue of Justice – Part 1 of 2

At the end of 2018, Merriam-Webster chose its word of the year: justice.  It is well for Filipinos that it did so as we seem to […]

Business in the Age of Disruption

The speed of change brought about by technology and disruption can be scary but, at the same time, exciting. It brings with it challenges and opportunities. […]

TRAIN Law: How was it Implemented?

Knowing the law is not the same as knowing how it will be implemented. More often than not, new laws require rules and regulations on how […]

Can The Military Make The Difference?

Machiavelli has been identified with the dictum, “The ends justify the means”. This has been construed in its negative context which connotes that the use of indiscriminate, extra-judicial and extra-legal […]

Emerging economies – outperformers and underperformers: Is there hope for the Philippines?

Over the past 50 years, 18 of the 71 emerging economies outperformed global benchmarks and their peers. This is based on the findings of Mckinsey Global […]

Getting Rid of BIR Audit

The BIR Audit is a process dreaded by businesses. With just a letter, business owners begin to panic, wondering whether or not they have complied properly. […]

Little Panay: Transformation of a Village

Little Panay is located in Panabo City, Davao del Norte. It is called Little Panay because many of the settlers came from Panay Island, mainly Iloilo […]

Why throw the baby out with the bath water?

The past few weeks, high rice retail prices have prompted consumer uproar, calling for political intervention to bring down rice prices in the market. Public discussions […]