1.        RONNIE B. ALCANTARA, Trustee, CIBI Foundation
  2.        MARY ANG, CEO and General Manager, Heritage Multi-Office Products, Inc.
  3.        ANNA JERMAINE BOMBASI, Managing Director, Empire Center for Regenerative Medicine
  4.        ARSENIO “Archit” M. BARTOLOME III, Chair, AMBER Properties Inc.
  5.        CELINA “Celine” SALDANA BAUTISTA, President, CNM Properties & Holdings, Inc.
  6.        CESAR V. CAMPOS, Chair, Cenel Development Corporation
  7.        VICENTE “Vince” J. CARLOS, Consul-General, Consulate of Cote’ d Evoir
  8.        CRISTINA “Krees” CASTAÑEDA, President and Country Director, Drake International Group of Companies
  9.        REYNALDO “Rey” C. CENTENO, President and CEO, General Life Assurance Philippines, Inc.
  10.        PONCIANO “Jackie” V. CRUZ, JR., Senior Partner, Santiago, Cruz and Sarte Law Offices
  11.        ROMEO “Romy” G. DAVID, Chair and President, BNL Management Corporation
  12.        OSCAR “Oskie” C. DE VENECIA, Chair, Basic Energy Corporation
  13.        MARISSA “Marissa” DEL MAR, President, Millicent Productions
  14.        CARMELITA “Carmie” P. DE LEON, VP for Sales and Marketing, Healthway Medical
  15.        BENEDICTA “Dick” DU-BALADAD, Managing Partner and CEO, Du-Baladad and Associates (BDB Law)
  16.        JOHN CLIFFORD “Cliff” M. EALA, President and CEO, Synerbyte Limited
  17.        MARIA MARGARITA “Margie” MORAN-FLOIRENDO, Chair, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
  18.        MARIA REBECCA “Becky” GARCIA, President and Co-Founder, VONOTEC, Inc.
  19.        JOSE LUIS “Joey” F. GOMEZ, President and CEO, RCBC Capital Corporation
  20.        ARLEEN MAY “Ayen”  S. GUEVARA, SVP and Chief Investment Officer, The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life)
  21.        REYNALDO “Rene” R. HUERGAS, CEO, iAsia Cloud, Inc.
  22.        MABINI “Mabs” L. JUAN, Chair and CEO, Actuarial Advisers, Inc.
  23.        JAIME “Jimmy” Y. LADAO, Chair, NOVUSAGRI, INC.
  24.        WILLIAM “Willy” LIM, President, Eastern Wire Manufacturing, Inc.
  25.        SHEILA MARIE “Shiela” G. LOBIEN, CEO, Lobien Realty Group
  26.        MANUEL ANTONIO “Manny” G. LISBONA, President and CEO, PNB Securities, Inc.
  27.        MARIA BLANCA KIM “Kim” BERNARDO LOKIN, Managing Editor, Business+Class Magazine
  28.        MICHAEL SHERWIN “Mike” M. MACATANGAY, Executive Management Consultant, A-TEAMS Consultant
  29.        JOANNE S. MATSCHUCK, President, Maschinen & Technik, Inc.
  30.        REUBEN PANGAN, President, Airfreight 2100, Inc.
  31.        PERRY L. PE, Partner and ExCom Member, Romulo Mabanta Buenaventura Sayoc & de los Angeles
  32.        EUNEY MARIE “Euney”  MATA PEREZ, Managing Partner, Mata-Perez & Francisco Attorneys-at-Law
  33.        RENE REINOSO, COO, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc.
  34.        Consul ANTONIO “Tony” RUFINO, Consul a.h., Consulate of Portugal
  35.        MARIA NIMFA “Maria” RONSON, Co-Director, Pertlink Limited (Hong Kong)
  36.        MELITO “Mel” S. SALAZAR, JR., Chair, OmniPay, Inc.
  37.        ISMAEL “Mike” REYES SANDIG, Director, AIMS Realty Development and Leasing Corporation
  38.        MARY GAW SO, President, REHub REAL ESTATE, INC.
  39.        EVELYN GRACE “Grace” C. SORONGON, SVP and Managing Director, John Clements Consultants, Inc.
  40.        ANTHONY “Tony” B. SOTELO, President and CEO, J Anthony Management Consultants, Inc.
  41.        EUSEBIO “Ebot” V. TAN, Senior Partner, Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz Law Offices (ACCRALAW)
  42.        SHARON T. TAN, President, Universal Rich Property and Management Corporation
  43.        SYLVETTE Y. TANKIANG, Senior Partner, Villaraza & Angangco (V&A) The Firm
  44.        GRACE P. TIONGCO, President, First Credit Consultants Corporation
  45.        LOLY NGO UY, CFO, San Roque Supermarket Retail Systems, Inc. (SRS)
  46.        ALBERTO “Abet” S. VILLAROSA, Chair, Security Bank Corporation
  47.        EDUARDO “Eddie” H. YAP, President and CEO, Clairmont Group