April 18, 2023 ICD-MAP OpenAI: ChatGPT Navigating AI Ethics for a Responsible Future

April 18, 2023
08:30 am - 10:30 am
Via Zoom
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Hello, Welcome to Management Association of the Philippines

Carlos Chan is this year’s MAP Management Man of the Year

Current Events
Learn the qualities of a future leader at the Good-NextGen CEO conference on November 12, 2021.


AAMO Leading the Way

This is a collection of resources, knowledge, and regional information from the Asian Association of Management (AAMO) which is an independent, non-political, and non-profit Asia-based association of National Management Organizations (NMO) that supports the growth of professional management in Asia.

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This is a pledge of the MAP members that lays out their commitment in helping the Filipino families to thrive in diverse communities and free themselves from poverty.

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This is a quarterly publication of the Health Committee of the Management Association of the Philippines.
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