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The role of the National Branding Council (2nd of 2 Parts)

written by Management Association of the Philippines - July 17, 2023

Editor’s note: In the first part of this article that appeared on July 10, 2023, MAP explained why country branding is critical for Philippine positioning in the global market. It also discussed how imperative it is to create a National Branding Council in order to develop and implement a comprehensive country branding strategy.(Conclusion)In pursuit of its objectives, the National Branding Council (NBC) will be responsible in carrying out key initiatives that include:

* Research: Conducting research to understand the Philippines’ unique strengths, values and identity;

* Brand development: Developing a brand strategy that reflects the Philippines’ unique identity and strengths, and creating a visual identity and messaging that will resonate with target audiences;

* Promotion: Implementing a promotion strategy that will help raise awareness of the Philippines’ brand and communicate its key messages to target audiences, including potential investors, tourists and other stakeholders; and

* Management: Ensuring that the brand remains consistent and relevant over time, and responding to changes in the global economy and other external factors as needed.

A call to action

It is apparent that country branding is essential to the Philippines’ campaign for recognition and competitiveness in the global arena. No less than President Marcos articulated its key importance when he addressed the people in his 2022 State of the Nation Address:

“To foster the Filipino brand is to spark our sense of pride and reaffirm our strong sense of identity. It is time to welcome the rest of the world with an enhanced Filipino brand that is unique, attractive and creative.”

Our enhanced global competitiveness can help promote economic growth and development through a positive image and reputation that a strong country brand can enable. The NBC can play a crucial role in developing and implementing a comprehensive and unified branding strategy for the Philippines, an output with the buy-in of the various stakeholders brought together for this purpose.

Therefore, the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) urges the government to establish this NBC to steer and champion the unified effort in the direction of crafting a country brand that can ensure that the Philippines remains competitive and attractive to tourists, investors and other key stakeholders.

The MAP is a prestigious organization composed of top-level executives and business leaders from various industries in the country. We see the urgent need to present a Philippines that is cohesive and unified in every undertaking, and this will be strongly projected by our country brand.

Our membership and the objectives we pursue provide substance to our recommendation:

First, the MAP has a deep understanding of the business environment in the Philippines.

Its members are well-versed in the economic, social, and political conditions of the country, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by various sectors. This knowledge is critical to actively spearhead the initiative to develop a country branding strategy that is aligned with the needs and goals of the business community and by extension, drive economic growth and development.

Second, the MAP has a strong network of business and industry leaders in the Philippines and abroad.

This network can be leveraged to gain support and buy-in for the establishment of an NBC and the development of a country branding strategy. The MAP can also tap into its network to gather insights, best practices and resources from other countries that have successfully implemented country branding strategies.

Third, the MAP has a track record of advocating for policies and initiatives that promote the country’s economic growth and development.

This includes supporting programs that enhance competitiveness, attract investments and create jobs. By recommending the establishment of an NBC and the development of a country branding strategy, the MAP can continue its advocacy work and contribute to the country’s long-term economic success.

Finally, the MAP has always maintained a harmonious working relationship with government agencies and stakeholders to drive change and progress in the country.

As  a respected and influential organization, it can serve as a bridge between the private sector and government, bringing together stakeholders to develop a country branding strategy that is inclusive and collaborative.

The MAP hereby presents and submits this urgent recommendation for the creation of the NBC that will place under one body all the country branding efforts with the objective of crafting and presenting a Philippines’ country brand that will link and integrate all marketing, promotion and positioning in the global market.

In reciprocity, the MAP will actively participate in this NBC and harness the expertise, experience and network of its members in support of the NBC’s objectives.

This MAP statement has been submitted to the Office of the President. Feedback at